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About Us

PT Velasco Indonesia Persada (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

PT.VELASCO INDONESIA PERSADA is established in Indonesia to provide various technical needs,
machinery and spare parts for manufacturing companies as well as equipment needs of companies in the shipping industry.
The products we provide include power products, heavy equipment, spare parts engines and marine equipment.

This company is domiciled in West Jakarta. Since it was founded in 2004, this company was originally a small shop
began to develop and gain the trust of customers, so that at the beginning of 2015 the company officially became a business entity in the form
limited liability company named PT.VELASCO INDONESIA PERSADA

Until now PT .VELASCO INDONESIA PERSADA continues to grow into a distributor and importer of various kinds of engineering products
quality and importer of various kinds of quality and competitive technical products. To deal with market demand
which is increasing, we have collaborated with various companies both at home and abroad to provide
satisfying service for customers and prices that are suitable for customers.


PT.VELASCO INDONESIA PERSADA menyediakan berbagai perlengkapan LIFTING & MARINE EQUIPMENT seperti Shipyard Equipment, Rigging & Lifting Equipment, Safety product & Fire fighting marine  equipment, Pyrotechnic marine equipment, Navigation & communication marine equipment.


Jl. Roa Malaka Utara No. 24 B. Tambora - Jakarta Barat. Jakarta Barat 11230
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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